Special Order Tinctures and Elixirs

It is pleasing to offer you the special order essences and elixirs that might take a little extra time to prepare. However, it is guaranteed that you will receive fresh products that have not had a long shelf life. Meaning you can always expect freshly made products! Also, please email for these specially made orders.

Using email is the best way to get your order customized. I also specialize in making personal requests for healing. You can ask any questions about the products as well. My Facebook contact info is also available as well as my phone contact info. Text are welcome as long as it is during business hours and pertains to products and services offered. I am honored to serve you. And thank you for your inquiries, requests, and interactions.


Ashwagandha Tincture

Stress, anxiety, enhance memory and brain function. Enhance sexual vitality, restore libido.


Agate (Moss) Elixir

Applied to the skin, treats fungal and skin infections.


Amber Elixir

Wound Healing, natural antibiotic.


Brahmi Tincture

Promotes focus, sense of calm. Balance brain during meditation, Enhance mental capacity while studying for exams.


Aventurine Elixir

Relieves skin problems


Citrine Elixir

Menstrual problems, menopause symptoms-hot flashes, hormonal balance, & alleviating fatigue.


Peony Tincture

Delays memory loss, promotes healthy brain function, lower cholesterol levels.


Zeolite Elixir

Dispels bloating, supports overcoming alcohol addiction