How To Apply A Relationship Reading


In order to gain balance from a relationship reading, we have to get clarity from our psychics about what the root issue is. Sometimes we just want to know specific outcomes. Yet, a relationship reading can give us the insight to influence outcomes. Relationship readings are influenced by 2 or more parties and that is why we need to understand that the interaction has come to teach us something about ourselves whether or not the connection is going to produce the outcome that we want. Therefore, we should ask questions that will help us to get the lesson down packed from the connection so that we can work through it, or move on. These are higher spiritual realities that come forth to grow us into mature spiritual beings instead of just people seeking connections with other people that we cant truly cultivate. So here is the reality of applying a relationship reading from your psychic.

Ask About the Nature of The Connection

Is this a Soul Mate, Twin Flame, or Blind Union? What I mean by these terms is going to based on a soul connection, spiritual connection, or superficial connection? Most people want to know should they invest time and effort in their love interest? This is a broad question because this really has to do with you. What are you trying to receive from the relationship? Why are you interested in investing in this person? The reading from your psychic will probably broaden your horizons if you have the time to listen. If the individual has work to do, you can choose to actively participate if you have as much insight as possible. You can learn from it. But are you in it for the experience or the expectation? I would need to personally explain the nature of the relationship to you so you can see if the experience is going to benefit you in the short and long term.

Ask About The Shadows

Getting technical, both you and the person who interests you have shadows that you haven't uncovered. Usually one or both people are not in control of their dark sides. This is what psychics mean most of the time when they say that a partner has work to do. So they cannot be devoting themselves fully to honesty and truth when they have parts of themselves that hide. You won't know what lurks in the shadows. So even if it is cheating, we want to know really why are they cheating. Are they passive-aggressive? Are they an addict? Here are some shadows that may or may not deter you:

Contradicting Behavior: Behavior that goes contrary to what they present to other people

Emotional Outbursts: Loss of control and respect in regards to speech and saying hurtful or spiteful things

Over-idealization: Seeing things in "black & white" or "right & wrong" perception without awareness of the gray area

Projection: Accusing people of having the same desires we can't admit to ourselves that we have

The Tough Guy: Master of hiding vulnerability and emotion

Passive Aggressive Charmer: Out to get what they want through charmer, smiles, and accommodation but will also stab you in the back to one-up you

Snob: want to be above you and stand out from you or uses you to look better

Which one of these characters are you with? Or could one of these be you? You need to know and understand if these characteristics are part of the relationship and how to learn and grow from them. If you can, yes the relationship is worth it.

Ask About The Awareness

Having self-awareness is a big issue for couples. We tend to want to hide what we know we fear will influence our part to leave. So another explanation we should seek from our psychic is what awareness of ourselves is attracting us to an individual. The common traits that draw our interest to a particular person is going to be very crucial in learning about the past. Usually, we choose people like our parents, even when we are thinking to attract the opposite characteristics. So if this is a pattern, the universe is trying to bring this to you for a learning experience. Many times people choosing sex in place of love have traumatic past experiences at their cores, issues of abandonment or neglect, and such serious experiences that have influenced their mindset. If this is you, getting clarity on the attraction focus will help you get whatever it is you do want from a relationship in the future.

The point is, stay present and open in the reading and try to get to the most genuine and productive insight from your psychic. You can apply the reading to your life to get the best benefits instead of feeling disappointed for the short term rewards you are getting from the relationship, or the failure of it. Also, you improve your chances of making a better decision next time you have to decide if you should even get to know an individual. The readings are to give you better reasoning and judgment skills. You can only do that if you get all the information to help you do that. Don't try to ask you psychic quick questions. You will get the best explanations by asking about details that pertain to your own growth and development being mirrored to you in this relationship. You will get the best insight by asking what influences does the relationship reveal pertaining to your own mindset. You will get the highest reality of the situation by asking what your partner's behaviors reveal about their shadows. This will also give you a good way to see how strongly you can rely on your psychic's wisdom, or if you need to seek a new psychic.