How Crystals Heal


Channeling Cosmic Energies for Healing

Science of Crystal Healing

Crystal technology is not new. The ancients of Sumeria and Egypt recorded their use of crystals in healing and magic. By doing a quick google search with tag words "crystal healing history" you can find that ancient cultures documented their uses, as well as speculation that the ancient civilization of Atlantis was heavy into this technology. Although quartz crystals are used to exert a voltage source using the Piezo-electric effect as a transducer in many machines, medical science denies that they can have any effect on the body, mind, or spirit. But I am here to break down the impact they have on the human complex with standard research and 3rd eye translation. This means that in this piece, I will show you how crystals are used to balance, release, and bring in healing energies that affect the consciousness of human beings which in turn affects both the spirit and physical shell. I hope you will find insight in this piece about the true effects of crystals, how to use them, and get the most from them as an alternative healing method.

We can use crystals to convert one kind of energy into another using the Piezo-electric effect because our body contains electricity. Not only that, but we also have a small amount of calcite crystals stationed in the pineal glands of our brains. The word "crystals" come from the Greek word "krystallos". Both of these things are relative to the significance the Egyptians gave to the "Eye of Ra" which is just another label for the pineal gland. The Egyptians was far more esoterically and spiritually advanced than today's societies and they valued the Eye of Ra or pineal gland. They understood the make-up of this gland and how the crystals inside of it is able to interact with electromagnetic fields that exist outside of the body. This works with the Piezo-electric effect, and makes the 3rd eye or Pineal gland capable of creating and holding a charge. This means the magnetic field around crystals interacts with our magnetic field, and we can use the crystals to affect or energy.

Thought and intention are just 2 examples of the energy that can be affected by such a process. Depending on the composition, chemical make-up, and color, crystals give off subtle energy that interacts with your biofield. This is routinely referred to as "biofeedback". Because our biofield is connected to our consciousness, using crystals is another way we can expand our consciousness, or charge it up. Crystals can be used to hold information on a computer system and works the same in withholding thought from our consciousness. Because you have crystals in your pineal gland, this is relative to both negative and positive thoughts being generated by you. This is all energetic and non-physical, and explains why it is very difficult to change thought patterns that have built up over years. 

Now when it comes to the body, the electromagnetic propertiess of the crystal tend to impact the electromagnetic field of the body and can impact water content and the cells. Crystals give off different frequencies that affect us in a subtle energetic way, that in turn affects both our mental and physical processes. Color therapy and mantras use this same process, as well as music and words. So when we are using crystal energy, we are also talking about the psychic or vibrational force of their energies. Our thoughts create our reality. So we can understand that with crystals, we are interacting with them on a psychic and vibrational level, as well as in our biofield. And that is the way they influence healing. I'll go over a few methods now to demonstrate how this can work.

1)Feng Shui-This is a distinct placement of any crystals you use to manifest the outcomes you desire.

2)Crystal Grids-this is when you use a patterned arrangement of crystals or use them with sacred geometry to concentrate their energy based on your motive or intention.

3)Meditation-using crystals to facilitate meditation for a particular effect.

4) Grounding-using crystals to help you maintain an appropriate energetic connection with the earth.

5)Elixirs & Essences-Extracting the vibration directly from the crystals and putting it into the body, on the body, or spraying it into an area to have a greater impact on the energies surrounding you.

You can also use crystals to rid yourself of stress, to keep houseplants healthy, to block EMF signals, draw negative energy away from the body, or reset the chakra system. All this is done by simply allowing the crystals to interact with your biofield, or what's known as the aura. The aura is nothing more than what our own body and mind reflect. Consider it the energy source that animates our bodies. Everything we do to live on the planet is activated by our aura. Crystals play to the tune of this interaction, as does breath. If there are deep malfunctions in the aura, this is when we become what some term as mentally or physically ill. Even if we don't breath properly this is affected because we become less aware as we are not breathing into ourselves this energetic force. So we can think of crystals affecting this part of us first, then our bodies and brains absorbing the electromagnetic frequencies of crystals. And this is how crystals tend to exert healing upon us and provide assistance with transmutation of our energies.

Finally, I would like to add that crystals are crystalized plants and minerals. That means in addition to crystals having the ability to store information and vibration, they also contain the essence and structure of organic materials. That is why by making essences and elixirs, you are using the stored physical vibrations of these plants and minerals, which also contain lifetimes of light from the sun and moon. Crystals are essentially a channel for such cosmic energy as well. By this, we can gain wisdom about the true nature of crystals and how they work. Though scientists or medical professionals might disagree, crystals contain elements of healing that modern medicine do not. Subtle energies are the blood of the universe, and as such, there is no way to look through the lense of science, which is man made, for universal truths. I hope this has given you more insight on crystal technology and how we can use crystals to assist us with healing and evolution. Love & Light!