What to Expect From A Psychic Reading


There are various people with psychic abilities that provide a different experience with a wide range of variations. In this piece, I will be discussing what you can expect from a reading with me. I provide a few different types of readings that can benefit the body, mind & soul. I am going to break down how they all work, and what the benefits are of each so that you can find the best one to serve your needs. I will also be letting you know about my policies and ethics so you can be aware of how I work. Take notes, as you may want to compare with others for things like value and transparency. 

I am a Metaphysician and I deal with consciousness. First and foremost, I am a channel. So if you were changing stations on a radio player, you would encounter different genres of music. The same thing happens when you are dealing with psychics. Each one is a station on Source radio. I am only here to deliver a message, though my abilities are innate. I use them to provide this service to others at my own risks. I am clairaudient and my strongest ability is using my inner ear to hear spirit. I am also claircognizant which is the ability to have a clear-knowing of insight or information. I am clairsentient, which means I can clearly sense the energies and emotional states of others. I am also clairvoyant, which means I am able to receive visual images from spirit. So I can see, hear, feel, or know messages intended for you from spirit. I relay what I get from these interactions to you. I am a medium and sometimes I get messages from deceased loved ones to pass on. 

I do various types of readings. Pendulum readings require the question to be worded for a yes or no answer. I recommend that people ask a question that they know the answer to first, and then ask the question for which you don't know the answer to. Tarot readings that I provide give insight into archetypal energies that people are currently channeling in their consciousness. Akashic readings identity issues with ongoing cycles and patterns that need to be resolved in peoples lives. Past life regressions are mostly data from a previous life that is affecting you now and reading of your last life from your birth chart. Health Astrology readings cover predispositions to disease, recommended diet, & and cell salt. Spirit readings cover a wide range of things and are given in 20-minute intervals where I ask my guides to connect with your spiritual team to give me the most important information for you. All in all, a reading from me will consist of receiving insight, hindsight, or foresight to help you heal or transmute your energies to be fully aligned, and highlighting & clarification of any conditions that are defining or impacting your spiritual experience.

To get a reading from me is investing in yourself. After the reading you can expect blocks to be cleared, revelation of subconscious factors that influence you to surface, baggage to be cleared up, identification of damaging patterns of thought, a strengthened connection to your higher mind, awareness of any dangers you are facing, and clarification of intentions toward you from others or your own intention. Everyone has free will and any decision you make can alter the possibilities of any insight into the past, present, or future. We all create our own realities, as we should, and any prediction can be altered by any decision you or others involved can make.

To prepare for a reading with any psychic, I will give you some tips and questions that you can use to help facilitate a positive exchange. 1) Look for other testimonies from people who have used a particular channel or psychic before. This can help you understand what to expect, though every reading is different. But this can be good to confirm the accuracy and efficiency of the readings being provided. 2) Its always good to ask for what is not happening in your life that could or should be. 3) Ask about karmic ties, generational cycles, and curses. 4) Ask about the best ways to use your energy. 5) Ask for recommendations on any tools or practices you can use to improve. I do answer questions after any reading in case you are looking for ways to apply what you learned in the reading by text or email. Also, take time think on any reading because information received might not be revealed from the surface but from deep levels of the subconscious which manifest in a manner that is not easily detectable.

I usually do readings Thursdays through Saturdays. Morning hours are 9am to 12pm, and 8pm to 10 pm on weekdays. Saturday and Sunday its 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 8pm. All payments accepted through paypal at hazel1190s@gmail.com. All payments must be received before booking. I have a no refund policy. Once I exchange my energy, I cannot get it back. That's why I wrote this piece to give you more wisdom into the usage of psychic readings. Messages from spirit can be a good thing when you need more insight, but it can easily become an obsession when we are dependent on them. I do not support abuse of readings, and I suggest at least 3 months in between readings, as well as being responsible to think critically about any insight to make your own decisions. Spirit expects that from every individual because this is your reality. Love n Light!