Dream Interpretation Readings by Text or Email

You have psychic ability too! But in a dream your mind is so relaxed that the subconscious can now show you images and use your spiritual senses to help reveal solutions to a problem or dilemma. I am here to help you interpret those images. Use your dreamtime wisely. These are cheaper than regular readings because you do half the work. Order a Dream Interpretation Reading when your dreams perplex you or you feel toubled by the emotional manifestation that resulted when you were experiencing the dream or upon awakening from it. I will get the email andvput you on schedule within 24 hrs. After payment send accounting of dream by text or email to (469)845-6905 or to psychic-medium@drdeeoracle.com. However you choose to send me your message is the way it will be returned. Please indicate your 1st name and how you paid. You can order her or use my cashapp $Oracle41. Screenshot cashapp payments and send with your dream accounting. 

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